national-girlfriends-dayAugust 1 marks National Girlfriends Day in which we get to celebrate our girlfriends and the bonds we have with them. I’ve always known the power of female friendships, but it wasn’t until my 30’s that I understood why they were so important.


The right circle of girlfriends make you feel happy and uplifted. They are the ones you can talk to about anything. They are the ones you can connect and bond with. Uplift Connect wrote the amazing article, Why Women Need a Tribe & it captures the science behind women’s emotional, physical, and psychological and having a great set of girlfriends. The article states,

“The true benefits of friendship are immeasurable. Friends make our lives better and studies show that friendship has a bigger impact on our physical & psychological wellbeing than family relationships.”

Today, I’m celebrating National Girlfriends Day with a few of my girlfriends. We’re celebrating each other. What makes us unique, as well as what we have in common. We’re celebrating standing in solidarity and standing for change in our community. We’re simply celebrating being beautiful black women.

Photos by Shawn of Made You Look Photo // Shirts by All Dem Shades // Extra special thanks to my gorgeous girlfriends Melissa, Brittani, & Dolly!

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