• Polished

    The Must-Have Products for Travel

    In the last year, I’ve shared my sentiments with switching my beauty routine and products to all natural. With each trip taken, I’ve added products to the routine to make sure…

  • My Style Travel

    Nola Breeze & Palm Trees

    I’m not sure who officially sets the flower of the month or who I need to call, but can we just unofficially call the palm the official symbol of all things…

  • Health Life

    How #DoingIt Can Save Your Life

    I think all of us can admit that we’ve seen an influx of advice, memes, and even entire businesses created in the last 5 years solely dedicated to promoting self-care and…

  • My Style Travel


    There’s nothing I love more than to find a piece of clothing I can slip on that’s stylish, cute, and doesn’t require heavy duty ironing is a win in my book.…

  • Travel

    The Crescent City

    My hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this year and we always end up asking the magic question every year “What do we want to do?” Since Laila was…

  • Travel

    The West’s Most Western Town

    6 planes, 3 states, 2 carry ons, & 1 checked bag and you have a whirlwind of memories. My 3rd trip of 2017 was a turning point. I gained more clarity…

  • My Style Travel


    I had the awesome opportunity to fly out to Houston to be a part of a fashion panel. The entire experience was crazy amazing, but looking back, the entire trip changed…