The exact moment when everything in 2015 changed


What a year. Let’s start there.

I bought another home & moved. Gave birth to my daughter. Successfully went from maternity leave back into the workforce without slaying anyone. Endured being alone with baby while my husband traveled for weeks for work. I traveled to 4 states…all in a month. I’ve been to the ER 4 times between myself, J, and the baby. I shot 4 weddings; 2 of them in one weekend. Yeah, it’s been a pretty busy year. To say my life has changed would be an understatement. My focus and priorities totally shifted in a completely different direction. Although this year has been tremendously life altering and busy, nothing reminds me the importance of life than when you almost lose yours.

Most people don’t know, but while 34 weeks pregnant, just one day after my baby shower, J & I got into a bad car accident that left my car totaled, glass shattered, airbags deployed, J with a bad concussion, me with a possible cracked rib, and me wondering if my baby was still alive. In that very moment in time, our concern was our baby. After multiple tests and sonograms, Laila didn’t come out with one issue or scratch. As scary as that moment was, I’m just eternally grateful that I have my family to hold in my arms and love on every single day. In that moment, even before Laila took her breath on this side, I truly appreciated life more than ever. Even though this was a transforming year of the unexpected & many unknowns, God was still faithful and continuously answered all of our questions & gave us way more than we could have imagined.

As this year comes to a close and we look forward to the next, I hope and pray this year has been especially life changing for you as it has for me & my family. This change, although stressful & emotional at times, was everything I needed to make me a stronger woman, wife, & mother! Thank you all so much for your undying support of Blushing Black during this phase and change in my life. Here’s to a Sweet 2016!



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6 thoughts on “Twenty Fifteen

  • Tracy

    Praise God!!! He is merciful and graceful. All the best blessings in the New Year.

  • Monique

    Your truly was truly amazing with some valleys but many many hills. We were all blessed to have our family extended by the birth of Ms. Laila. I never knew my love could expand until I met that little fireball. She has her MeMe totally wrapped around her little fingers. May God continue to blessed us all in this upcoming year. Love you Baby Girl and I am extremely proud of the woman, wife, mother, cousin, businesswoman, and most of all my baby girl. Mommie <3

    • LaTisha

      @Monique We were. What an incredible year. If this was 2015, I’m sure 2016 is going to be even sweeter!

  • Brittani

    We serve an awesome God. Love you all!!! Happy New Year!!!!

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