It’s the final week of the year and let me guess: you’re preparing to get yourself ready to be “better in the new year?” Totally get it. I’m there with you. However, in order to be better, you have to do better. It’s time to take physical inventory of the clutter, the fluff, and anything else that breeds excuses. What are you harboring and hoarding? Think about your closet. What about your office or your kitchen? Is your car a drivable closet with shoes, clothes and junk which makes it difficult to have a passenger? Whatever your issue is, I’m here to share with you 3 ways you can get it together, honey.

Approach the madness

The first step is being honest with yourself that you have an issue. The 2nd is to jump in head first and start developing a quick plan on how you’re going to improve that area. My issue is my closet. This past summer I realized I have WAY too many clothes. I know, I know. “Said no girl ever.” However, I’m understanding the importance of quality instead of quantity. I’d rather spend my effort looking and buying those things which are going to last me for years as a classic staple rather than a trendy piece. So I’ve looked into my closet and started creating a plan to purge all items that I can no longer wear, fit, or can be categorized as “trendy”.

Check out the start of “cleaning house”

Divide and conquer

Once you finish your faux “I have a problem” declaration, begin the separation process. Figure out what’s staying and what’s going and create piles. “Have I worn this in the last year?” “When’s the last time I cooked with this particular set of pots and pans?” Ask yourself these questions, answer them honestly, and don’t talk yourself out of it! 2016 can’t be loaded down with your last year’s baggage!

Give away, throw away, or stow away

Once everything is together, decide what you’re giving away, throwing away, or storing until needed. Find the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army and donate. If you KNOW it’s trash, no use to someone else, or it’s not usable, throw it away! All other items may be necessity, but not relevant to wear right now. For example, in the summer months, I store all of my coats and sweaters until I need them for the fall & winter seasons. This frees up SO much space in my closet and allows to me see exactly what is fitting to wear and it allows my clothes not to gather dust waiting to be worn.

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