I have a (healthy) obsession with apothecary jars.  I’m not sure what draws my attention to them, but I love seeing a variation of jars decorated with something inside.  I have about 6 jars in my house to decorate with  and I am uber excited to get started with it (oh the things that excites us as we age).

Right now I have three of the smaller ones in my bathroom behind the garden tub.  I’m thinking of making that my little area with bath salts, lush white towels, soaps, candles and a small flower arrangement (don’t forget the chilled bottle of wine to help you really unwind).

Here are some other pretty inspirations for the other over-sized jars I may try.
Pretty flower arrangements for the tables
Nick-nacks of things I collect (bright nail polishes maybe??)
Candy/Dessert Bar?  I did this at my wedding. Might be fun to have favorite candies put together around the house.
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