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When it comes to beauty, every woman has her opinions, approaches, & regimens they use to look and feel beauty. It’s no surprise that the beauty market is a multi-billion dollar industry! However if you’re a product junkie like me, you know buying and trying every product on the market can get extremely expensive. As a woman of color, it’s even harder, simply because every product doesn’t cater to our skin type, color, hair textures, etc.

The new, hot thing in beauty are beauty boxes. For a fixed membership price (usually $20), subscribers have the luxury of having the newest and hottest beauty and lifestyle products delivered to them. Each month, they are delivered a new set of products, which is fabulous because I know I’m over the new thing I just bought a month ago. It’s definitely an effective way to use and try new and exciting products on the market for one price! Birchbox and Glossybox are a couple of popular ones, but even then they don’t include items that women of color would be able to use. Enter We are Onyx & My Brown Box.

Both of these companies provide the same service as any other beauty box company, with subscriptions for just $20/month, with beauty and lifestyle products specifically for women of color. There’s even Curl Box, a service strictly for us curly girls, as well!

“Did you know that products for dark-skinned women are often more toxic and less customized than those for white women? Plus, there’s also the simple supply and demand issue: It’s claimed ladies with dark complexions aren’t numerous enough for big companies to better serve them. Rather than invest in less-then-perfect conditioners and curl-definers, Kpodzo and Bocobza built a beauty box for women who boast everything from kinky waves to relaxed tresses.” -We Are Onyx

I’m truly happy we are beginning to see a diverse set of options for us to choose from when it comes to beauty. Be sure to check out these fabulous beauty businesses!

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