Dry brushing has been the staple in beauty routines for forever, and for good reason: the benefits are beyond amazing!

Dry brushing is simply the act of brushing your skin with a bristle brush, made specifically for the skin, which stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation in your body. Clearing your lymphatic system is great for reducing toxins & water in the body, which causes you to bloat. I bought this one for only $9 a few months ago and I love it!


Dry brushing also helps to unclog pores & exfoliating dead skin cells which help with the absorption of moisture & leaving your skin soft & smooth.

Dry brushing is best done before you shower, starting from your ankles & moving upwards towards the heart. Once you brush your body, follow up with a shower and finish with a body oil or moisturizer.

Have you tried dry brushing before?

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk Dry Brushing

  • Dry brushing?! I think I heard one person speak of this. After reading this I think I want to try now. I am easily influenced to try new beauty secrets. Thanks for sharing !!!

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