The easiest eco-friendly recipe that will have your makeup brushes clean in a matter of minutes!

I hate cleaning my makeup brushes. There. I said it. Judge yo mama. And skip the lectures. But it’s true. It seems
like it takes me so long to get them to rinse clean, so I try to avoid it. However, having clean brushes is seriously important, but WHAT you clean those brushes with is just as important. Clean beauty is something I am passionate about and I believe you don’t have to sacrifice your health in the name of beauty. I came across an easy & clean beauty recipe that literally had my brushes clean in 2 minutes!

What you need:
Mason jar
Hot water
Castille Soap
5 drops of Lavender EO

Fill mason jar with hot water
Add 4 tbsp of castille soap
Add 5 drops of lavender EO
Dip brushes in & swirl around

Once it’s soapy, the makeup comes right off. Finish cleaning the soapy brush in the palm of your hand & rinse. No extra theatrics needed to get it all out! It took seconds!

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