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You can already call me a HUGE fan of Shea Moisture‘s products simply because they have consistently worked well with my 77 textures of hair.

One of the issues I’m having right now is finding a hair coloring system that won’t kill my curls or make me bald. I went to a professional with the exact color in mind and when I went to get it done, that’s not what I got #bitter, but let’s leave that story for another day. Nevertheless, I’ve been doing some research on some hair coloring systems that aren’t harsh on the hair (and yes, I’ve done henna and a vegetable dye). Just as I was about to give up, here comes Shea Moisture to the rescue with their very own hair coloring system.

Shea Moisture unveiled, via Facebook, “The Art Color of Hair”, 12 ammonia-free hair coloring system. Shea Moisture comments, “Our Permanent Hair Color is ammonia free and made with a number of certified organic and natural ingredients. You may find our new Hair Color System at select Target stores.” You can find colors to suit whatever your choice, from Light Blonde to Jet Black.

Before going natural, I’ve dyed my hair jet black, dark brown, midnight blue, and fire red. Now that I’m natural, I want to still want my hair to have that personality, but in a safe way that won’t cause issues later. The smell of hair color is super strong because of the chemicals, so it will be a nice change to use an ammonia-free system. I, for one, will be trying this and letting my readers know how I like it.

I can’t wait!


Note: I was not paid or compensated for this review

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