I am head-over-heels about only using clean beauty products. Here’s why.

Ever since I wrote this blog post, I have jumped in head first with only investing in products that are clean, eco-friendly & vegan. Some of the products may need a little more testing, but others have hit a homerun in my book.

For the past 2.5 years, I find intentionality pays off. While it takes some time ensure the products I’m investing in is truly clean, it now has become a habit to look at every ingredient in it (and Google that bad boy if I’m not clear what it is or does). Taking time for this has taught me to love myself and what I put in my skin and on my body. Today I am sharing some of the beauty products I have been using religiously and even some new comers that actually does the job is was created for – minus the junk that messes with our fertility, alters hormones, causes diseases or reactions!

Nubian Heritage Body Lotion
With a rating from 0-3 on the “Think Dirty” & EWG apps, this lotion has a variety of choices that will fit whatever you are looking to tackle, skin wise. My favorite is the Olive Oil lotion that has my skin feelin’ like butta baby! It lasts all day and can handle any ash you toss at it, from the drying winter to the hottest summer day.

Anese’s That Booty Tho
I mean, can we all just say the name really sold me?! Ha! Kidding…kinda. The name is pretty cool, but the ingredients are definitely legit. It’s a scrub made for your booty to slough off any dead skin, because let’s be real – how many of us are thinking about making sure our booty is exfoliated? It’s amazing and it’s vegan & eco-friendly! Owwww! Scrub a dub dub.

Young Living’s Mint Facial Scrub & Sandalwood Moisturizer
Minty, yummy, creamy & super effective, both of these two have been in rotation all year and they do not disappoint. The face scrub is perfect for exfoliating the face and gentle enough to use daily. While the moisturizer is thick and creamy and moisturizes so well and leaves your skin so soft!

The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash
Truth be told, I could put up any product by the Honey Pot here and it would be a fave. This brand is hardcore dedicated to providing women with a clean and effective product that does the job. I love using this wash because it leaves me feeling super clean without any flowers or oceans to make it happen.

Black Girl Sunscreen
I am LEGIT excited this finally showed up in my mailbox. I am queen of sunscreen when it’s hot outside, but LOATHE the fact it leaves a white residue on my skin, which then makes me reluctant to wear it. No one wants that gray, ashy look when they’re rocking their cutest outfit outside. I’d rather carry an umbrella, and even then that’s not enough to protect from the elements. This sunscreen absorbs so well and is SPF 30, which is just the amount you need to be effective. Hint: No need to have over 30SPF. Best of all? No white residue!!!!! This brownskin bombshell is here for it!!!!

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