Having girls means there are lot of girly things that happen around my house.

Laila is getting into the swing of all things girly and she LOVES nail polish. She’s all about it.

Before I can just let her pick out nail polish, I truly value clean products that will not disrupt her hormones or cause long term effects later. Starting with nail polish, I opted for Mila & Elle to start her on the right track.

I love this brand because it’s a 7-free vegan brand of nail polish and has tons of colors to choose from. The best part? They have a Mommy & Me collection https://www.ellamila.com/collections/mommy-me
of the cutest polishes that are just perfect and appropriate for kids their age. No more worrying about your child looking too grown up in that fire engine red vavavoom nail color.

I can feel good about letting Laila reach for my nail polish without the fear that she’ll be doing her body more harm than good.

Shop a few faves:

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