Blushing Black Natural Hair Shea Moisture Review

In an attempt to feverishly find a deep conditioner/masque/savior of moisturizing these straw strands of mine, I hit my local Target to see what I could find. Leave it to Shea Moisture to always step in and save the day! I took a leap of faith and tried Shea Moisture’s Organic Anti-Breakage Hair Masque. Here’s the breakdown.

Blushing Black Natural Hair Shea Moisture Review
{Hair washed & saturated with product}

{‘scuse the grainy pic. I took this with my phone}

I was pleasantly surprised how my hair reacted to it. I liked how the product wasn’t severely thick, so it soaked in my hair quite nicely. After I steamed my hair for 20 minutes, I just rinsed with cold water and proceeded with my normal styling routine.

Blushing Black Natural Hair Shea Moisture Review

{Early morning fresh face}

The results: very soft & fluffy strands. I was very impressed with the state of my hair after I rinsed. My hair usually lets me know right away and even after I’ve rinsed out product whether or not I have a win or wasted my cash. For only $9.99 this masque lived up to its promises.

I highly recommend if you’re looking for a fabulous product on a budget! Thanks, Shea Moisture!

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