6 planes, 3 states, 2 carry ons, & 1 checked bag and you have a whirlwind of memories. My 3rd trip of 2017 was a turning point. I gained more clarity about my life & where I want it to go more than ever!


When you wear multiple hats like I do, having the chance to indulge in quiet time and your thoughts is the short period of time between when you put your child to bed and the time you pass out. Like most, I don’t get the chance to really be alone for a few days. Every waking second of this trip gave me peace and quiet, but also a new-found focus on where I want to take my life, my goals, and this brand here! It’s pretty liberating! Here are some of the fabulousness I captured while away.

Travel to Arizona was a beautiful one, but the clarity I received was a value far greater. I credit the time I was able to take alone that helped with the process. I have a new outlook on life!

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2 thoughts on “The West’s Most Western Town

  • Renee

    Fabulous! Looks like you enjoyed yourself!

  • Love the outfits. It’s great that in 2017 you can unplug for a couple days. It’s far more difficult than it sounds. Glad you had a good time.

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