I have so much to be grateful for.

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday next week (Eek! Next. Week.), I can’t help but to reflect back on the year and how grateful I am for so many things. My heart skips several beats when I look at my little family. Our home. The lives we created together. The hard times. The great times. The memories we are making every single day. It melts my heart.

I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the things we don’t have, bringing a spirit of lack, when in essence we have everything we could ever need in this life and more. I realized that I am wealthy and rich in every single thing I could ever need. Marriage is amazing. I am growing in so many different aspects of my life, I have two of the most beautiful, feisty little girls I could have ever prayed for, our church – God, so thankful for them, friends, family. All isn’t perfect, but it’s perfectly built specifically for us. And I love that.

In this season of gratitude, take time to reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Top: Vici Collection | Jeans: PZI Jeans | Heels: Lulu’s | Bag: Palais Royal

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