It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you. Truth be told, I had to. So much happened in my time away and I cannot wait to share all the things. A lot has happened, sis!

For now, we’re going to relish in the sun, enjoy wearing cut-off shorts, sundresses, and sandals for the summer season.

Starting my summer to remember in my white Doc Marten sandals. Side note: I had no clue Doc Martens made sandals, but babyyyy they are so comfortable! I am impressed with the design of these simply because they hug my feet for that functional detail you need in a shoe, but it’s still stylish. I paired it with a simple white midi dress here, but these can easily be worn with jeans or even shorts.

Kicking off summer with high hopes, a positive outlook, and fun travel planned! How are you spending your summer to remember?

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