So here we are. Eons later than I said before with so much to catch you up on. If I can be completely transparent, I have been between flared anxiety, fight or flight mode, new challenges as a mom, a house with COVID, mask mandates, new things to tackle in marriage, finances…whew. Y’all. I’ve been having a rough time over the last few months if I can be honest. But even in the midst of the crazy, I’m here, I’m well, I’m happy & I’m whole by God’s grace and therapy.

The past few months were like a fast-forward to learning about LIFE for me. Every challenge felt like a ton of bricks, but I was always able to climb out of the rubble. This time has allowed me to focus on what truly matters, who truly belongs in my circle of life, parenting with empathy, and rekindling the fire back in marriage. This is all within a matter of 6 months! Perspective is EVERYTHING and I’m grateful to have new ways to approach hard situations.

Just know if you’ve missed things around here, know that I have missed it too. It’s been eerily quiet and I’m excited to add a fresh coat of paint to some of the areas.

Let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to!

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1 thought on “Long Months, Motherhood, Marriage & Mental Health

  • I can’t imagine what you’ve been through those past months but I pray you sail through. It’s also good to see you back to what you love doing girl. I’ve got your back.

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