The 5 things that have my heart right now.

Details: Satin Bomber Jacket |Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bag | Pink Pom Beanie | Sunglasses | Boots

1. This boot weather! Call me crazy, but I love the crisp and even colder temps lately in Atlanta. While I’m not a fan of standing out in the elements (nor do I have a plan to be out in them), I love to layer pieces, paired with a soft sweatshirt, leggings and tossing on my favorite boots to keep me cozy.

2. The book Becoming by Michelle Obama. Ya’ll. Seriously?! Can FLOTUS truly be anymore perfect. This memoire was truly a fantastic read and honestly came as a bit of surprise to me. I have always viewed Michelle Obama as this perfectly buttoned up person with all her ducks in a row. I love the fact that she strips down to a vulnerable place to talk about everything from boyfriends, hating her job, hating politics (Same girl. Same.), & even issues early on in her marriage. It’s raw and deep. I saw myself in her in ways I never knew. This book is a MUST-READ!

3. Watching my girls play. I’m sure every mother says that, but truthfully, it fills my heart watching them actually play. I think Laila is enjoying the fact that Liana can do more than just lay there and actually play with her. It’s so sweet and the way Liana watches her sister do everything is so inspiring.

4. My business gives me fuel to do amazing things! As you know I have a business with Young Living and it has been the best investment of my energy, time and money in the last 2 years. This month is the best month to date and we enjoy seeing the exponential growth from it! You can follow me on Instagram at @thehappyoilstribe and our oily journey.

5. This faux pom pink beanie. I have never been a beanie girl before I am one now! This beanie is so soft and amazing and I want to just wear it everywhere! It’s super cute and apparently now I have to buy Laila one before she jacks mine! <3

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