What you’ll catch me wearing, no matter the season.

As a natural Aquarius, I love the element of spontaneity when it comes to my style. One of the details I’m noticing about myself is the fact that even though I love the spontaneous side (remember my pink hair this summer?), I love simplicity. The reigning theme of getting back to the easy and simpler pieces that I love has been the driving force of all of my decisions this entire year.

No matter the season, you will find me somewhere in a cute top and jeans. Period. If I’m feeling casual, I’ll toss on sneakers or a cute pair of flats; if I wanna little va-va-voom, I’ll toss on some cute heels, a vampy lip and rock on the accessories.

Jeans and a solid top may seem too simple, but the options to create an entirely new look time and time again without buying things over and over again is what it’s all about. Whatever you do in life, whether it’s music, art, a business, you have to make everything your own. My uniform of choice in every season is a cute pair of jeans and a top.

What’s yours?

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