When it comes to finances or food, I find that people tend to be very sensitive on the subjects. As I actually take a deeper look into the human body, I’ve realized that our bodies were made to consume the very things that comes from God’s green earth. Everyone seems to want to live longer, healthier lives, and yet refuse to understand what years worth of eating foods like fast foods and other poison will do to their bodies.

Contrary to what you may think, a number of our ailments are due to the very foods we eat! I said it! For instance, I’ve been an allergy sufferer all my life. A simple pill would not combat the reactions. During my teenage years, I had to result to two shots a week by a nurse just so I could function. It was years later that I read this book that I realized that drinking milk {well, cow’s milk} was one reason my body would have such major, adverse allergic reactions. Milk contains bacteria in which the body sees it as a foreign invader trying to attack. Once that happens, your body automatically starts to fight the invader. Nose stuffy all the time, dear allergy sufferer? From then on, I switched to almond milk and non-dairy ice-cream and I saw a dramatic decrease in flare-ups. This small switch it has made all the difference.

The foods we consume are essential to our well being. Today I’m going to share with you seven super foods that are essential to helping all of us live longer, healthier lives!

{Truth: I have an infatuation with #1}


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