I mentioned in this post that my husband and I had the fortunate pleasure to take some time away and visit Charlotte, NC, bka “Queen City” this past weekend. I’m not sure what it is about getaways for me, but it seems like the weather is that much nicer, the food tastes that much better, and the surroundings fall in line with whatever mood I’m in. Charlotte showed us a really good time!

My best friend lives in Charlotte and turned 29 this past Sunday, so we packed up and went north to celebrate with her. My BFF and I met 10 years ago as students of the prestigious, Florida A&M University and one of the great things we have in common is our love for celebrating birthdays, whether on a large or small scale. This weekend: a fun-filled, not-so-much-to-plan celebration that was full of crazy moments, crying until we laughed moments, food, shopping, and rip-roaring fun.

The Birthday Girl!

Silly girl…she dared me to put this picture up

The best place in Charlotte to get a facial!!!! If you ever visit, you MUST go!


Me & my Hunny

Fun times at the Epicenter!

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