For the past 4 months, I’ve been rocking an easy, breezy sew in which was truly the break my hair needed in the inconsistent elements of summer. Now that the new season is knocking on the door, it’s time to go back to my natural curls, which I miss terribly!

As I begin to prepare myself to go back to my natural curls, I’ve been thinking of some natural styles that will truly suit me well to show my new growth & growth on this journey. I’m coming up on 6 years natural next week!
Here are a few hairstyles ideas for naturals to consider wearing for the new season.

The High Bun

I truly love this hair style. I love having my hair up high to show off features of my face. I love how this bun is messy, yet neat at the same time.

The Curls with Color

I can’t even begin to tell you how coloring my hair was an epic fail. I did not like it. Like most natural girls, I’m somewhat afraid of my hair’s reaction to lifting with harsh chemicals and bleach. Nevertheless, fall hair is calling for lovely autumn colors like amber, honey, and blonde.

The Curl and her Accessories
I’ve always loved a good headband, but I’m getting into scarves & turbans.


The Side Style

No matter the decade, the hair pulled into a side style is super chic and sexy in every way. It brings an element of mystery to your look. I’m definitely open for trying this one!

The Big ‘Fro Out

Divas like Chaka Khan and Diana Ross taught us what it meant to rock big and lush hair. Fall, especially for me, is a time where my hair shrinks less, so huge hair is always in line.


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