Growing up, I loved when my mom would talk about fashion or makeup and give advice on the rules you should follow to keep from being a social outcast of the community. Okay kidding. Maybe not an outcast, but she was very conscience about the seasons what was deemed proper and fashionable. One thing she would do was switch her lipsticks to those richer, bolder colors for the season. Now that I’m older, I have followed this same regimen every year.

One of the hottest trends of the season is sporting the dark lip trend. If you’re thinking about making a statement with your lips with a fresh swipe of dark lipstick, I thought I’d share some key points you need to know and do to make sure your lips are perfect.

In Living Color


It’s understandable that everyone won’t gravitate towards the dark lipstick section for one reason or another. One thing I had to learn was choosing the right shade that fit my skin tone and definitely try it before you buy it. Dark shades can consist of hues ranging from oxblood to plums to black. Understanding what works well will set you up for a successful look and the next two tips.

Line Up!


Lining your lips are extremely important to ensure your lipstick looks more polished and neat and put together. Along with lining, it’s important to make sure you get around that cupid’s bow and also highlight for a sharper look.


Eye See You


With such a dark and sultry color, you want to be sure to tone down the eyes a bit. That’s not to say don’t attempt to do anything. Make sure your eyes are at least lined and mascara is applied. Dress up your eyes how you want, but the true star of the show will be that pretty pout!


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