Whether you already have a look you love or you are a makeup enthusiast, you can add a little texture play to your routine in the new year! Women are much more makeup-savvy than they used to be, due to all of the info at our finger tips. We all have things about makeup that we are naturally drawn to, outside of simply the color. The next time you pin a look on pinterest, ask yourself, “Do I like the glossiness?” “Do I like the matte texture?” “Do I like the glitter?” Believe me, texture matters to you, you just may not know it yet!

Here are four ways to add texture to your routine…and lexicon (Look that up – my Dad loves that word!).

Texture: Matte

It’s classic & retro. Flat color tends to have a vintage feel. Matte is also the most ideal for skin with texture (bumps, wrinkles, lines). This texture comes in foundations, powders, lipsticks and any other formulation of makeup.
Matte compliments shimmery and glittery products, especially eye makeup. Too much shimmer together usually doesn’t pay off well on the eye.

Most eye looks that today’s woman wants to achieve have a matte texture infused. I always recommend having a matte warm, brown shade in your repertoire for blending colors.

Joy’s Picks: Some of my faves are Texture matte eyeshadow and Brown Script by MAC Cosmetics for brown girls!

Texture: Shimmer

Not glitter – shimmer! This is where your glow normally comes from. What’s the difference? The particles are much smaller, so the pay off is more compared to a shiny look verses a shimmer.

As with all textures, this is not specific to formulation. You could have shimmer in your eye shadow, blush or lipstick. But the most popular of the moment is the highlight of the cheekbone! That is my personal fave!

Joy’s Picks: My favorite product that reflects this is the Becca Skin Perfector Set.

Texture: Creamy

I personally don’t think this one gets enough credit, but I absolutely love for my skin to look creamy! My lips too! Nothing reflects healthy skin like moisture and thats exactly what a creamy texture gives. Now greasy looks too oily and dewy looks borderline wet. But creamy is just right!

Joy’s Pick: One of my fave products to reflect this is Butter Gloss by NYX. I’m so addicted to this stuff!

Texture: Gloss

I think this may be pretty much a no brainer, but just want to point out that lips are not the only place we see the texture. There’s glossy lids and it even looks great on the cheekbone as a highlight – BUT only in editorial looks. (LOL – Sowwy.) Those beautiful glossy eyelids looks amazing in pictures! But there really isn’t a way to keep that look fresh all day for the every day woman. Because our bodies naturally produce heat, it just doesn’t work for all day. Eventually the glossy texture breaks down to greasy and oily.

Glossy is your most emollient texture, so it breaks down the quickest. This is why you have to reapply lip gloss so often…and the reason why we all get the yucky white line on our lips! One key with painting the look a little longer on the lips is to use a lipstick in a matte texture on your full lip, then dab your favorite gloss in the middle for the pop!

Joy’s Pick: To this day, my fave product for this is MAC’s Clear Lipglass. Nothing better!

I could go on and on! But I won’t. LOL Thanks for allowing me to take your makeup game to the next level for 2017! I look forward to doing it all year long!

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Joy N. Randall is an award-winning, professional makeup artist, and cosmetologist. Her resume includes NASCAR Productions, The Color Purple Broadway, BET, MTV, VH1 , and The David Letterman Show. She is a full time freelance artist under her own brand, Flawless Makeup Art & The Beauty Influencer in Charlotte, NC.

Contact Joy: Web | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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1 thought on “How to Add Texture to Your Makeup Routine Like a Pro

  • Laurisha F.

    I absolutely love matte. It is my absolute favorite of all looks and takes me back to how fly my grandma used to look when she applied her makeup. Though occasionally I like to get a nice shimmer going on as well. I especially love a shimmery look in the summer to match the feel of the season.

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