Okay okay! So I think we’ve hit a point in the makeup industry where we can say, we’ve seen A LOT!!! I mean we’ve seen everything trend, color wise, from blue lipstick to bright yellow eye shadow. And thank the good Lord Himself (I’m sorry, all my southern came out!) things have flipped back around to more earthy tones, metallics and nudes. I’m no hater; it’s just that the brighter the colors are, the more risks you take with bad application techniques…and boy, we’re seeing a lot of this! Anyhow, let’s talk about 2017!!! It’s all about a signature look and texture play! Today we’ll focus on the signature look.

I am definitely speaking for myself when I say I’m all about self awareness! The older I get, it becomes so much less about jumping to trends, than it is about embracing the things you love! THAT is what looks great on a person. It’s beyond cosmetic. Your energy radiates! And the same is reflected in the celebs we love and love to hate. Now that we all have our own level of fan and friendship on social media accounts, people start expect to see the person you portray. So what am I saying here? It’s time to own your look! Whether you’re a “smokey eye and red lip” chick or a “Fill in my brows, mascara and lipgloss” kinda girl, or even “professionally polished”, the key is in mastering application and finding the products that work best for you. Here are four things to know when doing this.

Your Routine is Key

You can get your makeup routine down to a few minutes. It doesn’t have to take an hour! For the woman who who says “Chile Please, I don’t have time for that!”, I’ve got a secret for you: Yes you do! Your makeup routine should fit your lifestyle. You don’t need a ton of products and you don’t have to whip out a smokey eye every day. They key is in mastering the application techniques. Then it becomes second nature. My personal makeup routine takes about 5 minutes tops! Check to see if MUA’s in your city offer makeup classes? I provide one-on-one makeup sessions at my studio in Charlotte. (Shameless plug – teehee)

Stick to What Works

You don’t have to buy tons of products or make repeat trips to stores. Once you have your standard routine, all you really need to do is restock it when necessary. Depending on “your” individual routine, some products will be replaced more often than others. More than likely, they are the products you really love! There’s nothing wrong with not jumping at every new trend that comes out. Sophisticated women have products they’ve worn for years! (insert my old english accent). The point is, once you have something that works and look great on you, stick with it!

Try Something New for a Change

I’m not saying never switch it up! I’m not trying to turn you into a complete bore! Again, this is about you and your personality too! So if you like to play around with color choices occasionally, go for it!

For example: If you like your focal point to be your lips, go with what feels right! But keep the rest of the face consistent. That way it becomes a signature for you. I have some clients who always rock a red lip! I have some who love a shimmer in the corner of the eye! They can always switch it up with different varieties of red lipstick; deeper, darker, glosses, etc. That shimmer could be gold, silver, pink, etc. But the point is that the look is consistent, even while creating variety in the look.

Knowing Thyself = Knowing Your Brand

Having a signature look creates a personal brand. I’ve literally helped my clients up their professional game simply by having a look they’re known for! Neither of us knew it at the time, but you my love, are lucky! Everyone doesn’t get this! A look that’s recognizable makes people connect to you easily. Did you know that news anchors have contracts that make them bonded to “not change their look?” Why? Because if you saw your news anchor with green hair tomorrow, it would freak you out! There’s a recipe to what people find comforting and approachable. The same applies to the everyday woman. So people who switch things drastically, on a regular basis, seem to communicate something other than dependability. I’m getting too deep! But I think you get my drift. The point is, having a signature look, could take your brand to the next level! Don’t underestimate that.


Joy N. Randall is an award-winning, professional makeup artist, and cosmetologist. Her resume includes NASCAR Productions, The Color Purple Broadway, BET, MTV, VH1 , and The David Letterman Show. She is a full time freelance artist under her own brand, Flawless Makeup Art & The Beauty Influencer in Charlotte, NC.

Contact Joy: Web | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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