luxe-apothecary_3At the young age of 32, I’ve become more aware about what goes in my body & on my skin. I’ve had a few setbacks and hang ups with both my diet and beauty regimen, so I decided to take a huge step back and get back to the basics of cleaner eating and using more natural & holistic products. Eating has always been easy; it’s the beauty part that I’ve taken a little more time to research.

One of my goals as a woman, as well as a mother, is to master my beauty regimen to pass down to my daughter. I believe beauty and care starts from within and it’s important that I teach her at an early age that taking care of the skin and body she was given is important, but also intentional. There are a few beauty brands on my blog I’ve raved about that are leading that charge. Today, I’m bringing you another company, with products locally made here in Atlanta, which is on a mission to develop only pure products for customers. Meet Revive Body & Bath & Luxe Apothecary.

The Revive Bath & Body + Luxe Apothecary team so graciously sent me a few of their favorite items from their collection for review. I took an entire week to try each product to provide a thorough review. Check it:

Coconut Flower Bath Soak
This soak is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. It’s made with natural and vegan coconut milk powder and has dried roses inside! What?! The milk powder is said to reduce acne and inflammation & the dried roses help produce glowing skin. My body has been feeling tight, stressed, and all over the place. One bath with this was completely relaxing and soothing to my achy muscles. My skin immediately felt smoother and softer!

Monoi Body Scrub
So excited to share this one with you! So unlike other scrubs made with sugar that ends up melting in your hands in the shower, goopy, and slippery if it gets on tile, this scrub is made with sea salt. Yes. Salt. I love how you can actually grab some in your hand and it sits there. You can see the texture, you can take time to inhale it and it doesn’t look like wet sugar the bottom of the cereal bowl. Using it is even more amazing.
Made with avocado oil, shea butter & monoi oil, it’s the perfect combo to put on skin to exfoliate dead skin and leave your skin feeling like a newborn’s.

Natural Loofah Soap

So instead of packing a loofah and soap separately for your trip, why not have 2-in-1? This soap is made from a loofah gourd, so it actually exfoliates your skin. Looks interesting, but it does what is says. My skin felt like buttah after one use! Whoo! Win & win.


Shea Butter Body Cream
After all that soaking, scrubbing and washing, it’s time to moisturize. I use raw shea butter on the regular, so I knew this cream & I would be a match. This cream is really light in texture, so it doesn’t feel heavy, whatsoever, which is amazing for a shea butter-based lotion.

This cream is made with shea butter, avocado oil & scented with essential oils. And of course, it contains no parabens or toxic preservatives.

Peppermint Natural Lip Balm
This summer weather has been 2 levels below actual fire and brimstone, so wearing actual lip gloss took a back seat to natural lip balms. This lip balm fit perfectly into that rotation. Made with oils like coconut, safflower, peppermint and vitamin E, my lips felt soft and moisturized and didn’t feel heavy, competing with the heat.

Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On
Let’s start with this: OH MY GOODNESS! Okay, so unbeknownst to me the right blend of essential oils can knock you out of your misery. Okay, I kid, but not really. This roll on has been such a blessing and an amazing product to use after a bath or shower at night. I find myself so much more relaxed and had the most amazing sleep you can ever ask for. As a mom, that’s pretty important because I typically don’t get a great night’s rest. I apply this on the insides of my wrists, along the sides of my neck and on my temples and massage it all in.

If you’re looking to take a more natural approach to your beauty regimen, check out Luxe Apothecary & Revive Body & Bath! They have a wide range of products that will work best for you.


Luxe Apothecary & Revive Bath & Body sent me these products to try in exchange for a personal review. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own and sending parties did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

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