It’s that time of year when we’re bombarded with photos of the beach and sunscreen ads to convince us we need a vacay. In the past few months, I’ve been diligently researching options to find a sunscreen that isn’t chemical-laden, toxic, or makes your skin look like a zombie’s. It’s tough! Here’s a thought: would you knowingly slather carcinogens, preservatives, and parabens that mimics estrogen & can act as a potential hormone disruptor onto your skin? So why would you buy those name-brand sunscreens you see at the store? They are FILLED with trash! Many sunscreens we are familiar with, even ones for babies, are developed with all of these ingredients and calm your fears by calling it “safe”. We have to do better.

Sunscreen is such an important part of healthcare, I can’t stress it enough. Even if your skin is made of solid melanin. We all need sunscreen! Thankfully , I am am overachiever in the area of research when it comes to topics I have to find a solution to. I settled on ThinkSport™ & Thinkbaby™ sunscreens to protect us from harmful rays while we are in the sun. This line of sunscreens is EWG verified as a “1” & a “0” Think Dirty app, which is the certified grade for the lowest when it comes to health concerns. It’s clean! Nothing toxic & no chemicals.

Healthy sunscreens are notorious for turning your skin white when applied, which it should. However, this sunscreen absorbs so well into my skin and leaves no residue or trace of application. And it smells AMAZING!

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If you are looking for sunscreens to protect you and your family this spring/summer, download the Think Dirty app or the EWG Healthy Living app (both are FREE!) and search for sunscreens. You’ll be amazed what comes up that may be sitting right in your very own cabinets!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Sunscreen We’ll Be Wearing This Summer

  • Ta'Neshia

    Love this post! I have been in search of a good sunscreen. I have never heard of ThinkSport or ThinkBaby, but I will definitely look them up. They will probably be my next sunscreens for this summer. Thanks for the info!

  • Hi That was a great post, I really liked it. I learned a lot. It is the quality of the content that matters most.
    Staying naturally beautiful with style. l also wrote about something similar, you can check it out here

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