Bacon Pancake Recipes - Easy!

Brunch has become one of my favorite weekend pastimes and anytime I can partake, I indulge. Even though weather was pristine this past weekend, going out to brunch wasn’t a cost-effective decision. So I decided to make things in-house…meaning my house. With a little help from Pinterest, I decided to try bacon pancakes.

Here’s an easy recipe that’s fun and is sure to be a home run, especially with the guys.

Fresh Bacon{Start with fresh slices of bacon}

Bacon Frying in Frying Pan{Cook bacon}

Pancake Recipes Easy{Prepare batter for pancakes. I opted for cinnamon pancakes}

Cinnamon Pancake Recipes

Easy Pancake Recipes{Pour batter over slices of bacon in pan. Cook each side until done}

Pancake Recipes {Eat}

Bacon Pancakes Recipe
Batter is hard to pour over bacon that has shriveled in the cooking process. If possible, try to keep the bacon from twisting to make sure the batter pours over evenly. Nevertheless, these pancakes were simply amazing!

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