Salmon Recipes

These days I can honestly say I’m not up for much of anything these days, let alone cooking anything. However, I want to limit the amount of money and trips we make ordering out, so sometimes I have to do what’s best for my family’s health and well being.

After my grocery trip to Whole Foods, I decided to look up some interesting, yet simple recipes for salmon that didn’t call for 30 ingredients or 30 years to make. I needed something quick, fast, and delicious. Lo and behold, I came across this recipe for caramelized salmon.

Easy Salmon Recipe

What attracted me to the recipe was the fact that it only used 3 ingredients to season: sugar, salt, & pepper! I come from a family who are true advocates of well-seasoned food and no effort should be spared to get the perfect taste.

When I first made the recipe, I was tempted to grab a few other seasonings to add to it, but I decided to follow the directions exactly. What I got was a ridiculously delicious meal!

Caramelized Salmon Recipe

The entire meal, from start to finish, took about 20 minutes. I say if you’re tired of wrapping your salmon in a piece of foil with butter in the oven, try this recipe on for size. It’s easy, it’s yummy, and it doesn’t take long to prepare.

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