mojito jello shots

A few of my girlfriends and I have been reminiscing about the summer we had a bbq every single weekend with our guys. As we prepare for summer five years later with our husbands, we are looking to revive the tradition, and the grill. In the meantime, I’ve been looking for simple, easy recipes to take to each event that are fun and yummy. What better way to kick off a summer of bbqs with a recipe for mojito jello shots?! Score! They were really cute and so easy to make!

limes{Limes emptied and ready for gelatin mixture!}

jello shot recipes{Fill’er up!}

jello shots{All done and cut into wedges}

mojito jello shots recipe{Yum!}

I followed this recipe exactly, but I opted to use agave instead of sugar, which I don’t eat. It came out just as tasty!

As usual, here a few pointers I learned while making this delish dish:

-If you use brown agave, your mixture will come out brown. Don’t fret! They will look normal once they are done. 🙂

-Trying to take out the insides of a lime, especially with long nails, can be challenging. Cut around the lime in a circle first, then scoop with a spoon. Patience is key here, not speed.

-It will take a full 3 hours to finish, so don’t make these a hour before your event.

-Limes cut in half do not sit on the bottoms very well since they are pointy. Carefully just remove the pointed ends to make them flat and easier to sit. Other wise you’ll be playing a balancing game adding in the gelatin mix.

-Lastly, spoon in the mix; do not pour it in. It makes things easier, more controlled and cleaner!

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