Our favorite Crisis Manager Olivia is no stranger to all-day crazy that she somehow always tends to fix. However even after a long day of whipping the reigns, she comes home to a nice bottle of red wine to ease the edge.

Since the show began, Olivia has opened up her life over a glass of wine in a beautiful set of long-stemmed, red wine glasses surely fit more for display than drinking. For those who want to know where to get your own, you can buy the “Camille” wine glass from Crate & Barrel.

The Olivia Pope Wine Glass

Click here to buy The Camille

The Camille comes in options for red wine and white wine, both for only $13! It’s almost unfair how inexpensive that is! The red wine glasses have become so popular, they have been sold out for as long as ever. However, if you buy today, the next shipment should arrive in July. For white wine lovers, the Camille is available today!

Gladiators rejoice; it’s handled!


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