eggplant parmesan recipe easy

I’ve always enjoyed eggplant parmesan, but I’ve never had a burning desire to actually make it myself. I had no clue where to begin for preparation and I was even more clueless when it came to ensuring it would taste okay. After a trip to the farmer’s market, I was inspired to give it a try only if I could find the easiest recipe on the internet. I mean easy. This video does an amazing job showing how to prepare & cook eggplant parmesan like a pro.

easy eggplant parmesan recipes

I was sincerely impressed with the outcome and my husband {who is very selective with his eating choices} asked for seconds! This dish was delicious and did not take a long time to prepare or required heavy seasoning. Anything that’s easy & quick is one to be kept in rotation!


how to make eggplant parmesan

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