Blooming trees and dry air, mixed with dusty yellow pollen is a recipe for disaster when you have allergies. Bleck! Anything that has to do with me being outside is calculated to an exact formula. If that formula gets off in the least bit, I’m left suffering with itchy eyes, throat, skin…you get it. I’m miserable.

Today I found myself recovering from being outside too long and the aftermath has been pretty taxing. I’m definitely one that will try to find a remedy for an ailment before I reach for the medicine in the cabinet. Instead of doubling up on meds, I decided to find an easy recipe using the ginger I had in my pantry to make an easy tea that would calm my allergic reaction.

Here are some known benefits of ginger tea:

  • Respiratory problems {helpful for allergies}
  • Treating nausea and vomiting
  • Preventing morning sickness
  • Remedy for loss of appetite
  • Aiding in digestion
  • Anti-flatulence
  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Relieve headache
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

Here are 4 easy steps to making your own ginger tea at home.


What you’ll need:
Ginger root
Honey (To Sweeten)

ginger-tea-2{Peel ginger}

ginger-tea-3{Cut ginger into small pieces. Add pieces to water and boil.}

ginger-tea-4{Pour tea into a mug using a strainer. Use honey to sweeten & enjoy!}

Minor Details:

I cut about 20 pieces of ginger. The more pieces you cut, the stronger the taste. Keep this in mind if you’re not a big fan of the bite in ginger.

The ginger tea actually helped tremendously and calmed the allergic flare up.


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