I love being natural.  It’s a wonderful thing.  I’ve been natural now for four years…and still counting.  Doubters and unbelievers would simply call it a “trend” or a “fad”.  My reason for going natural:  I couldn’t answer why I was still relaxing after 20 years.  I was just doing it out of habit.  One day, I just stopped – cold turkey.  I haven’t looked back since.
Fast forward to now. I’ve learned so much about myself and my hair, what to do, and especially what not to do, and I’ve met some pretty fly people along the way.  In this journey, one particular diva happens to be my own mother.
My mom doesn’t know it, but she’s definitely one of the gurus of knowing about natural hair.  She loves sharing tips, making concoctions for me (hey Ma, I need some more shea butter!), and encouraging others about caring for your natural hair.  She’s even started hosting her own Natural Hair Gatherings in the Brevard/Volusia areas of Florida.  She’s on the move!
I had the pleasure of attending a gathering with my mom in Tampa, Florida in 2009 and it was definitely a great experience.  These gatherings are like seminars hosted by women that invites anyone wanting to learn about natural, healthy hair care to join in and learn.  Whether you’re natural or relaxed, everyone’s welcome!  These gatherings can have panel sessions, where you can ask experts about hair care tips, vendors that sell their products, free hair styling, free products, and even fashion shows!  My mom has hosted a few in the Central Florida area and the responses have been tremendous!
This past weekend’s gathering was hosted by my mom in Daytona Beach, FL.  One of her sponsors, Karen’s Body Beautiful gave away bags of goodies to all attendees.  Check out the slideshow to see the fun!

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