I love trying new beauty things!  Even better than that:  I LOVE sharing beauty secrets.  I don’t see why people don’t seem to share! Any who, I had been researching and researching what I heard was the HOLY GRAIL of beauty tools: the Beauty Blender™.
The Beauty Blender™, created by Hollywood make-up artist, Rea Ann Silva, the highly sought after beauty tool is used to apply foundation, providing a professional and flawless look.  What’s great about the sponge is that, unlike other sponges used to apply foundation, it doesn’t soak up liquid, leaving you with having to waste make-up and putting more foundation on a sponge, rather than your face.  The shape allows for full coverage, with the tip to apply make-up in those creases along the nose, eyes, and other crevices hard to reach by sponges.
For about 3 months (yes, an entire three; I don’t buy on impulse), I read numerous reviews on how well this little pink, egg-shaped sponge would provide a flawless foundation upon every make-up application.  I couldn’t understand how putting water to dampen a sponge and then putting liquid foundation on this thing could make you have a dewey, air-brushed look.  With enough reviews, I dropped the $19 to see if it truly moved mountains – for me.

My Beauty Blender! You can tell I use it a lot!

To use, you wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, then let expand.  Then I apply my foundation to the sponge.  Once I have a pretty good amount on the blender, I apply using a “stippling” or bouncing motion, rather than wiping it on. I stipple until I have a flawless and even coverage all over.  The results: a flawless finish!

Would I recommend the Beauty Blender™?  Absolutely!  I think every girl should have this in her makeup bag, but only if she wants flawless looking makeup.

You can buy your own Beauty Blender™here! Check out some of my results below.

Photo taken with cell phone
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