I’ve always shared with my readers that my life is pretty much a whirlwind at times. Fast forward to this very second and I’ll tell you that it has transformed into a mix between a monsoon, cyclone, and a Category 5 hurricane! I’ve endured so many changes in the past year, it’s really starting to make my head spin.

One of the things I love about blogging is I get to be authentic as well as transparent. I’m still struggling with getting it together. I find myself frustrated because the woman that is known for being almost too overly organized is just trying to stay above water everyday. I wrote the post on The Art of Being Organized! I mean, my goodness! {I also wrote it before my daughter was born…soooo that would explain it – LOL} My days begin at 4:30 or 5:00am everyday and ends around 10:30pm. Sometimes 11:30pm. Some days I face plant into the bed because I’m so tired & can’t deal. My life is starting to become noisier with each passing day and I have found myself off balanced and disorganized. This is where I stepped up and ordered myself the Day Designer planner.

I love the story behind this planner. I have sticky notes here and there, notes on my phone & ipad, screen shots of quotes I want to remember in case I lose my mind that day, 1,700 journals with things written and not completed – it’s just too much! For me, I don’t need a calendar. I need something bigger and better. With this, I can take the time to outline exactly what’s going on – from my top three goals of the day, to what I want to plan for dinner, to motivational quotes to get me through the day. Yes. I need this. All of this. For the next year, I am able to see everything in one place and get myself back on track!

I will keep you all posted on how things turn out. I feel like my old, Type A self coming back in full effect & I can focus on what really matters everyday.

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