In my effort and quest to improve myself in all aspects, one of the things I just have yet to get on board with is finding the energy to cook a meal after working all day, fighting traffic, taking care of the home, tending to a husband, and make a little time for leisure activities and business ventures. Are you kidding me?! Food?! Who has time to prepare that? Nevertheless, I’m also one that have learned to stop making excuses. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. At the end of the day, I have many hats and none of them take a vacation. That said, I tried my hand at meal planning and preparing freezer meals. Here’s the skinny.

I’ve seen pins on Pinterest about meal planning and typically skip right over it. “I just don’t have that kind of time to prepare all of that”, “That looks so cumbersome”, and any other thought excuse I could come up with to talk myself out of it. However, guess who was the frustrated party that had to figure out what we’re cooking after sitting in Atlanta traffic for an hour and a half. *Raises hand* To combat this, I took the gallon freezer bags from our pantry, grabbed all the onions, peppers, mushrooms, and pretty much a majority of my seasonings and went to work.

Step 1
Cut up all peppers (by color) & onions and place each in a bag. Sprinkle seasonings in bags based on the meal for that bag. For example, one bag would be lemon pepper, one would be rosemary & garlic, another would be herb & garlic, and so on.

Step 2
After I’ve washed my meat (typically chicken) or washed the fish, I’ll place a portioned amount in a bag of choice. Afterwards, I close the bag and shake to get the seasoning all over the meat. If it’s a marinade, I skip adding seasonings and pour the marinade over the meat while in the bag, then shake.

Step 3
Once it’s done, I remove all air out of the bag and lay on a flat surface. Once I just can’t make anymore meals, I lay them flat in the freezer and walk away.

Meal time
When it’s time to cook, I’ll let the bagged meal thaw out overnight. In the morning before work, I dump the contents into the crock pot, adjust the settings to cook all day, and walk away. When I get home, not only is it time to eat, the food is usually falling off the bone and delicious!

I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now and it has been simply successful for me. Each bag prepares a meal for 2 days. So a total of 7 meals will last us for 2 weeks! It also makes grocery shopping a BREEZE since everything is already planned out. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about buying items that go bad.

It may take some work in the beginning, but the sheer satisfaction of knowing that dinner is done as you walk into the house is simply magical! I’m loving meal planning and crock pot meals.

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3 thoughts on “The Breakdown: Meal Planning

  • Lisa Turner

    You must be a mind reader. I was just looking at reviews of crock pots, what kind do you use?

    • LaTisha

      @Lisa It just says “Crockpot” and I got it from Macy’s. pretty much any slow cooker will do with these meals. Tonight we’re having shrimp alfredo! #delish

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