When it comes to the beauty department, being a woman of color can have its challenges at times, especially when it comes to anything “nude” related. For so long we’ve had to resort to the color beige for nude lipsticks, nail polishes, and even lingerie. Well, all my ladies of color can rejoice…a change has come!

Nude has made a comeback for the fall and there are a few companies that are blazing the trails to bring you more options than just your average beige color! I love a punch of color with anything, but there’s also a time when the simple, minimal look is what I’m aiming for.

Here are a few brands and some of my faves making a statement in the nude department.

Nails – HIPPxRBG


I am already a fan of the RBG brand, which you can read about here. If you’re not up on RGB, the brand has a wildly popular nude collection for women of all shades. “T” shades are your tinted shades, like your BB creams. “F” shades are your foundation shades, similar to your full coverage foundations in F1, F2F3, & F4.

Click below to see which shade is right for you!



I love a pretty nude lipstick, but it can be challenging to find a nude that doesn’t show up too chalky or gray, which most of them tend to do. However, I’m a huge proponent of nude collections from Mac, Maybelline, and YSL

My favorite shades of nude are Mac’s “Hug Me” & YSL’s “Beige Instinct”.

Lingerie – Nubian Skin


I can honestly say I have never been able to sport the “nude” look with lingerie. My go-to has always been black to avoid any see-through catastrophes. However, you still run a chance of your under lovelies showing simply because they don’t match your skin tone….until now. Nubian Skin is redefining “nude”, developing a line of nude lingerie for women of color that will launch October 2014! Finally! Ahh! So excited.

Check out their blog to find out more about the company and the shades.

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7 thoughts on “Nudes for Women of Color

  • Great post! I’m JUST getting into nudes for my skin tone so this is right one time :).

    • LaTisha

      @Lisa a la mode Thanks! I love nudes, but it has been challenging. It is definitely perfect timing!

  • Awesome post! I love nudes and I’m happy for the public breaking barriers going on!

    • LaTisha

      @Kristen Thanks so much! Yeah I’m very happy there are brands out there thinking about how diverse our skin tones are with women of color.

  • meredith smalls

    i am so happy that the fashion and beauty is embracing women of color . I love nudes lipstick on me .

    • LaTisha

      @meredith smalls Great point! It’s nice for brands to include women of color in their strategies now. We don’t all look the same so why should we have to settle for the same?

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