Over the past month, I’d been contemplating changing the products I use for my skin. My face was getting bored with the same-old-same and to be honest, they really weren’t made with the natural products I’d been longing for. I’m super adamant about eating natural foods, yet the products I use on my skin have all kinds of junk ingredients in them. I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s a fact. Therefore, changing was necessary.

Instead of listening to my gut, I went out and purchased a face wash by a well known brand and my face completely broke out in hives. After a run to the dermatologist, a return, refund, and a promise to never use that brand again, I decided I needed to listen to myself and opt for products made with natural ingredients going forward.

Not sure of which brand to use, I stumbled across the Lush store at the mall and decided to “window shop”. What I left with was a wealth of knowledge, an amazing experience, and products I will have in my bag now forever! Here’s a look at the Lush products that have my heart skipping a beat and my skin looking and feeling amazing.

Click each picture above to get more information on each! Try it. I bet you’ll like it!

Lush Dark Angels – Made of a dry, charcoal clay, this cleaner does an amazing job removing dirt and oil from pores and exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling nice, clean, & smooth.

How I Use It – Take a pinch in hand. Add water to make a paste. Wash face. Rinse. Pat face dry.

Eau Roma Toner Water – Made with both rose and lavender essential oils, this toner is PERFECT for cooling skin, tightening pores (my fave feature), and keeping the oil at bay.

How I Use It – Spray 8-10 sprays all over face. Do other stuff (like comb my hair, brush my teeth). Let air dry.

Imperialis – Probably my favorite part of this regimen is the moisturizer! Hallelujah! If you have a combination skin like I do, the stuff is the business! It does a superb job in what I call “the balance”. Keeping the dry areas of your face moisturized and the oily parts from doing too much. Plus it smells wonderful!

How I Use It – Take about a fingertip amount and add all over face. Leave my house looking amazing.

Vanishing Cream – Rave reviews weren’t kidding. This stuff is legit and it’s super light. Like Imperialis, it does it’s job with helping to balance out the over/under producing areas for the correct moisture and softness.

How I Use It: Take about a fingertip amount and add all over face. Apply makeup. Leave my house looking amazing.

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