When it comes to my makeup routine, I would say there’s a guaranteed possibility that I won’t be wearing any. Real talk. My time, effort and organizational focus tends to be on other things – like not forgetting to pack sippy cups, do we have enough diapers in the bag, and what am going to cook for dinner?! Although I will admit now that Laila is in her beginning stages of toddlerhood (is that even a word?), I can focus on myself a little bit more.


Although my time is scarce, I still long for a day to wear just a little foundation, maybe add some mascara, and if we’re lucky, a lipgloss that’s actually a shade of color. I speak sarcastically, but I mean it. There are days I want to look like a beautiful mommy, but I don’t want to take more than 5 minutes to do it. When I was asked to try an air brushing makeup system, I gladly obliged! However, I felt like I was going to set myself up for failure. I knew it would be hard, cumbersome to deal with, and I would flat out look crazy. However, when I got my hands on the Luminess Air Makeup System, all of my doubts quickly faded away.


Airbrushing makeup sounds legit, right?! One of my biggest issues I have with my skin is uneven tone & large pores. The Luminess Air Makeup System covers all that (and more) and is so easy to use, I could use it every day. With Luminess Air, I (literally) plugged it in, put about 4-5 drops in the stylus, turned it on, & started spraying according to the directions. That was it! No extra pools of foundation needed to cover & cover & cover my face. No worrying about missing an area. I brushed over my entire face in a circular motion & made sure each section of my face was covered.

Here’s a behind the scenes look…


For my ladies, like myself, with sensitive skin, the makeup is oil-free, fragrance free, & mineral water based. Without sponges and brushes to apply, the entire process is super hygienic. If you also hate to feel the weight of makeup on your face as much as I do, then this is for you! My skin felt like actual skin and the application was flawless! The best part: it took me less than 5 minutes to get this look! No exaggeration necessary. Face was on and I was in and out of the house, as required.


Now that I have this system, I can have a fresh face of makeup without it looking like makeup, but also have a flawless finish and get out the door. This is a perfect gift for the new mom out there! It’s the #1 airbrush makeup system, so only the best for her. ☺

If you’re interested in learning more about the Luminess Air system, you can find it here. They have a variety of products, also, including blush, and bronzer, which are all bomb! Also for Blushing Black readers, I’m offering 20% off a system just for you! Just in time for Mother’s Day! Use code: 166789621.

I am a fan of airbrushing now, especially as a mother on the go! I have a ton and one things to do, but I want to look presentable doing them. This system does wonders with getting the job done and getting me out the house without an array of tools and items to make it happen. Luminess Air is the real deal!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review. This review is an authentic look at my opinion of the Luminess Air Makeup System and all opinions are my own.

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