Meet the Parents - Thanksgiving - Set 1

Holidays are usually a time where couples begin bringing their significant others around each other’s families, which can be quite awkward for some. One of the things I remember stressing over was what to wear!

I wanted to make sure I didn’t reveal too much here and there, but I still wanted to be fashionable, tasteful, and make a lasting impression. If you’re meeting parents and/or relatives for the first time, it’s best to think about what exactly you’ll be wearing to ensure you’re as confident as you need to be. I chose to create three different looks, which you can easily mix and match separates that best fit your personality.

PS – If you’re not meeting parents, you’re meeting your parents and/or family members. Dress accordingly!

Meet the Parents - Thanksgiving - Set 2

-When choosing an ensemble, you definitely want to be yourself, but that doesn’t leave freedom to dress like it’s your girlfriend’s Bachelorette party. Keep it simple and classy, but make sure elements of your personality still shine through.

-Try to stick with makeup that is nude according to your skin tone. I’m all for wearing a strong, berry lip, but not for meeting the parentals. Staying neutral also makes it less obvious that you’ve eaten it off chomping down on Granny’s homemade pie. Try the ‘Boyfriend Makeup‘ method if you need an idea.

-Be comfortable, but not sloppy. Even if it’s cold outside, don’t make that the excuse to wear that lint-filled sweater to keep you warm. Dress to impress!

-Another note: don’t try too hard! There’s no need to wear too much makeup, skin tight clothes, a million accessories or try to take drastic measures to get people to like you. Just make sure you dress appropriately and let your beautiful personality shine through.

-Don’t be afraid of prints or contrasting colors. These are little ways you can still inject your personality in a basic outfit.

-Wearing black? Take a lint roller for little fuzzies.

-Wear the proper undergarments. Visible panty lines are never in season and ill-fitting bras will make matters worse.

-Chipped nails? Perfect time to get or give yourself a quick mani. You will be using utensils at the dinner table. Make sure your hands are presentable as well.

-Dress it up with jewelry, but not too much! Simple studs and earrings work better than those hula-hoop sized earrings.

-Be aware of your body type. There’s a difference between wearing clothing that fits and clothes that are fitted. We want your parents to see your clothing and not imprints of your undergarments. Also, be careful of those low-rise jeans. Your undies will make an appearance when you sit/stand/shift/or breathe the wrong way.

Be fabulous dolls & have fun looking for just the right outfit to wear!

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