12 Things for Christmas

Carolers are warming up and lights are beginning to glow…it’s time to prepare for Christmas!

For those of you that want to get a head start or just need a great guide to help you along with your giving, I’ve prepared 12 things for you that you can consider buying for the fashionista you love. To buy, click the link of the name of the product. It’s better than 2 turtle doves…and a partridge in a pear tree.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T3i – For those itching for the power of a DSLR camera, but are proven beginners in the art of photography, this camera is definitely a home run. The photos are as clear and the camera serves up some wonderful settings, from ‘sporting’ events to ‘landscape’. I personally own this camera and it has been a joy having it to capture family memories.

2. N.Peal Cashmere Long Gloves – If you’ve never had the chance to wear cashmere, let me just indulge: it is a luxurious treat! However, the price of cashmere can cost a pretty penny. Nevertheless, these gloves here are 100% Cashmere (#win), and only $48 (#win). These are a FABULOUS (and I do mean “fabulous) gift to give for those that want to provide luxury and taste without the luxurious bill.

3. Clinique’s Moisture Surge – Winter can definitely wreak havoc on your precious mug and there’s nothing worse than being ashy IN the dead of winter. Give your face (or whoever you’re giving the gift to) a treat with this light moisturizer. I use this every winter and it does a phenomenal job keeping the dryness at bay.

4. Michael Kors Jet Set Large Travel Messenger Bag – Designer Michael Kors does an amazing job at creating the ultimate bag for the ultimate girl at the ultimate price point. This Christmas, give your girl this beautiful Saffiano leather number for the woman on the go. It’s definitely a way to travel light and in style.

5. YSL Touche Eclat – This little makeup pen has been all the rage with makeup artists everywhere. I love this highlighter (I use it on the daily) and it’s great at brightening under the eyes and highlighting key areas you want to focus on. If you’re going for the best, this product is it!

6. Nikon COOLPIX S01 10.1MP Digital Camera – This is my new little toy and it is simply amazing! Why? Because this little doo-dad is no bigger than the palm of your hand! It’s so tiny, yet does a great job at taking photos. I wanted a compact point-and-shoot camera to have when I don’t feel like taking my DSLR around. I love that it has a touch screen and gives the option to take pictures the traditional way or by touching the screen.

7. Coach Poppy Blossom Perfume – If you’re looking for a clean, fresh scented number that won’t overpower and serve as a classic perfume, this one is it! I told you in this post that this was a sopisticated perfume and that still holds true in my book. This bottle is worth your while.

8. Kobo Candles – Candles are one my favorite items to have in my personal space. I can’t get enough of candles. So when I had a chance to try this candle, it lasted for hours! It’s made of soy, which burns a lot slower and gives off a wonderful scent that lasts darn near forever. It makes a beautiful accessory to any home.

9. L’Occitane Hand Cream Confections – This hand cream is (hands down) my favorite to have in my bag. It’s moisturizes well without making your fingertips feel greasy between each line in your fingerprints. For only $40, you can get 4 of these bad boys to have and they last a LONG time. It’s a perfect time to moisturize your sexy during the upcoming winter weather.

10. Apple iPad Mini – Even though the screen’s resolution was a deal breaker for me, for those that don’t mind, the iPad Mini is truly a wonderful addition for little hands and grown up fingers to use. It’s lightweight and easier to type on than its counterpart. The size makes traveling a breeze and the apps are optimized for the smaller screen.

11. Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Watch – Rose gold jewelry are taking over and MK does it justice with this beautiful crafted watch. Rose gold is a beautiful blush-like tone that looks good on pretty much every skin tone. Your gift recipient can travel, work, or play in style with this piece.

12. TOMS Metallic-Splattered Suede Slip-On – In all your giving, it’s important to also give back. Support this One for One company with these festive metallic-gold slip ons. Your purchase will also help donate a pair of shoes to someone else in need this season.

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