Wear Sequins Like a Grown-Up

Tis the season for getting tons of invites to annual holiday functions that calls for a little more than the typical garb you’d wear for bbq & football at the house.

As I was doing my massive research on sequins, I realized that all of these massive choices on the market can have you looking like a Kindergartner gone rampant in the school’s craft area. So today, I’m bringing you 4 possible mix and match options that are simple ideas you can use to create a chic look with sequins and still look like an adult. Also, here are a few tips when wearing sequins:

1. Pick a color and stick with it.

Please don’t attempt to outdo the Christmas tree & decorations outside. Leave the festive wear for…never.

2. Keep the amount of pieces with sequins to a minimum.

Let the piece(s) be the showstopper. Build on the outfit by adding it simple separates and accessories to coordinate.

3. Be confident!

Wearing sequins aren’t for everyone, but if this is your thing: own it!

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