In a world driven by money and how much you have, one of the most fulfilling things you can give is the gift of service. I grew up understanding that giving back to your community is an act of selflessness. It makes you appreciate what you have in life and that you aren’t entitled to anything.

One of the coolest things I’m learning about are companies that operate under a “One for One” initiative. For one product you buy, the company will donate that product in the equal amount to someone in need. As much as we girls love to shop, this strategy allows you to give back simply from buying.

Here are two One-for-One companies that I believe are laying the foundation and changing how the world looks at giving back.


Toms shoes was created by Blake Mycoskie out of the sheer desire to help the children without shoes he met on a trip to Argentina. His vision was to match a pair of shoes to a child in need with each pair sold.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker was started by a group of friends that stood firm on the belief that a nice pair of prescription frames should not cost $300+. Word. I second that motion! So they created a brand which provides fashionable frame options for a fraction of that price. What’s cool about them is they allow you to sample five pair of their frames, FOR FREE, to see which one you like, and you can choose the one you like. Each pair sold gives a pair of glasses to someone in need.

Oh…and did I mention they have fabulous sunglasses, as well? 🙂

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