I love playing with makeup, but I’m learning that in order to have a great face, you have to start with a clean slate and a great primer first. I personally have combination skin and depending on the time of year, it can be quite frustrating when I want to wear a simple face of makeup, all for it to feel like gunk on my face later. So rather than apply haphazardly, I now use a primer that’s suitable for my skin type so I won’t have dab my face throughout the day.

Here are some other skin types and primers you can use to combat any mishaps from happening, from a greasy face to flaky skin.

Dry Skin

Women with dry skin tend to gravitate towards facial products with moisturizing agents to give the skin the balance it needs to feel normal again. Skin tends to be flaky and dry, with fine lines and rough patches. If you’re looking for a primer, the same approach for moisture should hold true.

Your primer should allow your skin to feel supple and soft, without feeling like you’ve slathered baby oil all over your skin.

Combination Skin

The majority of women will fall into this category. Combination skin can be a little frustrating to maintain, as there are a “combination” of skin types you must cater to. So the main focal point when finding primer is selecting one that will give you the right balance before applying your makeup. Also, stay away from primers that add any light boosting effects to the skin, as this can highlight those already shiny areas of the face.

Oily Skin

For those of you with oily skin, you know that carrying around those cute little oil absorbing sheets are a waste of time, effort, and money. Your skin tends to look more slick and shiny than those with dry skin. Although this poses a problem, this doesn’t have to deter you from wearing the makeup you love.

Start the beginning of your process with a primer that is oil free, minimizes pores and gives your face a matte look, absorbing oil and won’t irritate the skin.


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