My favorite Girlfriend Tracee Ellis Ross covers Jet Magazine for the week of October 10-17.  On top of playing one of the most hilarious characters on the hit show Girlfriends, she’s also famous for that gorgeous curly mane of hers!  I can surely attest to Googling Tracee’s hair numerous times for hairstyles or to find any secrets she shares onkeeping her natural curls so lush.  Tracee is another certified “Hair Crush” for me.

“Her banging body might become a new obsession for her many admirers, but for now, when you type her name into Google, the top search is for “Tracee Ellis Ross hair.” “I have so much hair it’s extraordinary,” she says, admitting no one is more obsessed than she is. “You could take half the hair on my head and cover another person’s head.” She grew out her relaxer in high school and has tested so many styles, serums and conditioners that she might put out a book and a line of hair products one day. Not a fan of bone straight hair— “I’m Diana Ross’ child… big hair is what I come from”— she has learned one important lesson in natural hair manage ment: “You gotta respect the curls,” she says. “I work for them. I can’t tell them what to do.”



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