If you find jeans you love, you share with everyone…& then buy at least 10 more pairs!

I’m close to being 5 months post-partum and one particular piece of clothing I have yet to put any energy into finding are a pair of jeans. I have a love-hate relationship with jean shopping. I take that back: I can count on 3 fingers when I have found jeans I love. In 2012, 2014 and 2018. These jeans by Fashion Nova are the first pair of jeans I’ve purchased since having children and honey…I am SO SOLD!

There are jeans, there are jeggings, and then there are jeans with stretch to them. These jeans are special because they are not only stretchy, they are cut perfectly to make your shape look like a million bucks. I am not into “mom jeans” – no problem with those who like them. Just not my cup of tea. These jeans, however, have enough pull and give to hug your curves perfectly! I’ve seen these jeans on Instagram for the absolute longest and wondered if they were really “that good”. When they have over 500 5-star reviews, that says a lot!

If you’re a mom who refuses to give up her true self and style for regular jeans, check out these by Fashion Nova. I am definitely a fan!

What I’m Wearing
Bodysuit: Fashion Nova
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Bag: Palais Royale
Sunglasses: Livhò
Lipstick: Mac
Shoes: Fashion Nova

This is an authentic review of my thoughts on Fashion Nova jeans. I have not been compensated in any way for this review. I just think they’re amazing.

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