Living with a full-time toddler can wear you out. No embellishing needed. Like torn, tattered, and ran through tired. Matter of fact: it should be considered an Olympic sport. Try taming the little balls of energy in the mornings when you have to get them dressed, get you dressed, get out the door, beat traffic, & get to wherever it is you go to on time without having a mental conniption. And if I have to look for something, forget it! You’d be surprised how one missing sock can throw the entire morning process off, if you’re not prepared.

While you can’t predict every single scenario, you can take a few easy steps to make sure your child’s mornings a prepared for success. Even though Laila isn’t technically in pre-school, just yet, I figured this is a fantastic time to get in the habit of preparing early. Today I’m sharing my secret I swear by of how I stay completely organized, prepared, & almost sane each morning so my house isn’t in complete chaos with a toddler.


Get Your Mind Right
My weekly prep typically starts on Friday evenings. You read that right – Friday night. This is the time I wash all of Laila’s clothes & blankets from the entire week. Once she’s down for the night, I fold all of the clothes in a specific sequence.

1 & 2 & 3 & 4…
So as I’m folding Laila’s clothes, I have the following sequence of items I keep together:

• Towel
• Wash cloth
• Pajamas
• School Outfit
• Wash cloth
• Socks

That stack of garments equals one full day. Towel goes on the bottom. Socks are the last thing I put on the top.
As I continue to fold, rather than put them away to have to try and find all of these things at a given time, I stack it all together, put it in a drawer and my prep for that day is done. I do this same sequence 6 more times to have a full week from Sunday-Saturday.


Get a stackable with drawers.
I found this Sterilite one from Wal-Mart. I didn’t want one this short, but this was the only cute one they had that didn’t cost $30 and up {Seriously, who’s paying for that?!). Take your stacks and put them in the drawers by days.

Top Drawer: Sunday & Monday
Middle Drawer: Tuesday & Wednesday
Bottom Drawer: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday


I like using a stackable with clear drawers because it’s an automatic visual that shows my progress through the week. When Laila wakes up, her school outfit is ready to wear. I get her dressed, fix her hair, brush her teeth and wash her face without looking for anything. Also, it makes things in the evenings a breeze when it’s bath time. The Monday pile still has a towel and cloth for bath time & pjs are already folded to put on afterwards. Done!

I can’t speak for everyone, since all toddlers are different when they wake up. However, I know exactly what she needs to not wake up cranky and I do that. Without fail. I know it’s not a miracle recipe, but it sure has helped me in the past month get my life together!

Think about what works best for you and your child. Maybe you already have a dresser for your child’s clothes. Maybe dedicate a drawer with your child’s items in your own customized stack to make things go smoothly for you. I expect peace in my home, especially in the mornings, so all of my actions are intentional to possessing that.

Passing this along to help make some other mama’s mornings as smooth as mine are.

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