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Are you successful? What defines success? Better yet, do crave to be successful? How bad do you want it?

I’ve always considered myself a free spirit, just taking in life as it comes. Although that works well with certain aspects of my life, when it comes to my future, I’ve learned there needs to be a sincere focus to achieving my goals. Once I focused on those goals (whether it be a project or just in general), it served as my roadmap for me to use to help me navigate to my destination.

Everyone, in some shape or form, wants success. Whatever that means to them, but it’s something people aspire to attain. What’s interesting is that everyone wants everything, but 1) don’t take the time write them out/plan how they will reach that goal and 2) don’t work for it. When I finally figured out what it is I wanted to do, nothing else mattered. I didn’t want to eat, sleep, or stop. I wanted to keep going so bad I could taste it.

What about you? Do you have that drive? If you have 5 minutes, I DARE you to watch this video on success. I was sincerely moved by it. I’m sure it will challenge everything you thought about obtaining it, also.

“There are two important days in a person’s life: The day they are born and the day they know why.” -Steve Harvey

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