September 28, 2007 was the day I officially began my transition to having natural hair and it’s a decision I’m so happy I made to this very day. There are many mistakes I’ve made along the way, but overall it has opened my eyes to the way I look at beauty and what I consider “beautiful”.

Even in this land of roses I’ve possibly painted, there are some things that are more annoying than two-textured hair or the epic fail to {what was supposed to be} your bantu knot out.  It may be a little harsh, but here are 3 things natural girls wish you knew.


1. Our hair may be thick, but it’s not steel.

Stylists: We love and adore you. However, just because you see a thick head of hair does not mean some of us aren’t tender headed or for you to find the smallest comb you can find to use. Especially if it’s dry! Similar to the care you give your clients with freshly pressed hair, please give it to ours. Please learn how to properly detangle our hair without putting our scalp through the comb with it. This here head of hair can break off.


2. We don’t want your “woe is me” story.

Listen. I get it. Transitioning from relaxed to natural can be a beast. I’ve been there. Bought a t-shirt and a hat to match. However, please spare us of the threatening text messages and status updates of the following:

  • The “I’m going back to the creamy crack” complaint
  • The “Being natural is sooooo hard/I don’t know what to do with it” complaint
  • The “I don’t know how you do it every day” complaint


Here’s the deal:

  • Please relax your hair if it helps you to sleep at night
  • Yes it’s hard, but YouTube tutorials have exploded in the past 5 years. There are options.
  • I do it because my hair has to be done

Honestly, we don’t care. All of this is a journey and we’re always learning so we know greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Some journeys are easier than others, but it’s one that can be rewarding if you stick with it. If you don’t, that’s okay too. Just quit complaining and be happy either way.


3. Stop asking us when we’re going to straighten our hair again.

Really, though? Why do you want to know? Does straightened hair make me more beautiful?

Now, before you think I’m just crazy, it’s always asked in that tone of voice where the asking party usually has some sort of complex about their own hair and doesn’t really like the natural look on themselves OR they believe that natural hair is “not done”. Never fails. A curly girl has 7,439,977 different ways she can style her hair. Wearing bone straight hair may not be the style of choice. Quit asking.


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2 thoughts on “3 Things Natural Girls Want You to Know

  • Candace

    Love this, especially #3. People ask me that a lot. I think some people are just curious to see how long the hair is because of shrinkage. But I still haven’t done it. The wait continues…

    • LaTisha

      @Candace Thanks! I get that question too. It’s one of those things, like going natural, that’s a choice. If I choose not to wear it straightened, just go with that! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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