If you were to rewind time a few years ago, you couldn’t pay me to put on faux lashes. Never. I thought they were cumbersome to apply, a pain to wear, and the look just did not appeal to me. However, one weekend at a bachelorette party in Midtown Atlanta changed all that. I had a makeup artist apply a set of pretty lovely falsies and soon I became addicted! Lashes became my beauty staple! Today, I still love the glam look that faux lashes can provide whenever I decide to apply a pair for the evening.

As a new mom, it can be a bit tough to try and fit in all of your beauty routines like you want. So when I had the chance to visit the new Amazing Lash Studio that just opened on the north side of Buckhead, I made an appointment for eyelash extensions! Here’s what happened.


Receptionists were very friendly and greeted you immediately upon walking in. They took the time to explain the process of services, as well as answer any questions I had. From there, they took the time to outline the four types of lashes they offered which were natural, cute, sexy, and gorgeous. I, for one, believe in being bold, fierce, and super daring, so “gorgeous” was the obvious choice for me!


My tech was Gia, who is very experienced and meticulous about her work. We talked about the various options they offered and what I was going for, look-wise. While in the back, you’re laying on a table with relaxing music playing as you’re getting lashes applied. Gia took her time and made sure each lash applied looked as natural as possible. I will say since this is the first time having this done, having my eyes held down felt a bit weird, but nothing painful whatsoever. The application took approximately 2 hours to complete.

Here are the results:




Photos taken by Gia on cell phone; I so need a facial! Don’t judge me. :-/

I am thoroughly happy with the service and the results! I have been getting non-stop compliments on the lashes! Hubby was very impressed and said they looked like they were my very own lashes! I am looking forward to going back in a few weeks to re-up.

Disclaimer: I received free services in exchange for a review. This review is an authentic look at my opinion of my experience at the Amazing Lash Studio and all opinions are my own.

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